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  2. Its ok, I just caught your video where you confirmed the wheels are the same. That ticks one more box for me. I do have another question about the ECU connection plug (is it 4 pin or 6 pin) but will watch all your videos first. Thanks for the video series!
  3. @Stoltec Moto, do you know if the wheels are interchangeable? I have some fancy wheels on my MT09 and really hoping they will fit the R7. I might also consider a MT07 comfort seat. Would be good to know if that fits.
  4. My midlife crisis is getting worse. It started with the MT09 which I fully fettled. Then the Tenere 700 which is on its way to be fully pimped. And now the R7, which will likely replace the MT09 if it matches my expectations. I have ordered the World GP 60th anniversary R7 and matching number plate WGPR7. It will almost be a shame to replace those gold rims with the carbon rims and brakes from my MT09, but I think they are going to fit. I am keen to find out what clip-on risers I need, for example the outside diameter of the forks, length of bars etc. I assume the bars are 22mm. Any other advice to fit a big guy on a small bike? @Admin will recognise me from the Tenere700.NET forum. Thanks, Mal
  5. If anyone lives near Dayton, Ohio and potentially wants a deal on braided lines and feels like helping out the community, Spiegler are itching to get their hands on a bike. I've been on the phone to them a couple of times and offered to send them all of my stock lines so they could measure for a kit to sell to the rest of us. They said they want an actual bike to work on in order to check the angles and types of all the fittings etc. Kudos to them for wanting to produce the best result possible. I'm not sure how else to get the word out to people with R7s who may be in the vicinity of their facility...
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I think there was a forum post about this but uploading to this section also because it seems that's what it's for.
  7. A more detailed update will be coming soon, but for now...here's our latest video discussing our build progress...
  8. Hot pressure was 29-30F, 28R. I run warmers on all tires - street and slicks to ensure consistent pressures. Of course, you don't need them for S22s...
  9. What pressures did you run at the track with the Bridgestone S22? Cold pressures only? Hot pressures?
  10. Our latest update is live: Trying to catch up on the website this weekend while things are quiet. Will have more details soon on frame sliders, axle sliders, and swingarm spools.
  11. Thanks! We have a few things already cooking up...just spent some time on the track with it last weekend. Working on a video update now...and photos will be coming soon.
  12. Can’t wait to see how you develop this bike!
  13. As luck would have it (unlike our T7), we received one of the first R7's in the states. Hard to believe we've already had it ~3 weeks! Stay tuned for progress on what we're doing to this bike - will be a mix of weekend riding and track days. We need to catch up on photos of what we've already been working on since we've been a bit in stealth mode. But while we pull that together, here are some initial thoughts...
  14. Ok, time to get this Forum rocking. We own the Yamaha Mt-07 forum, the Tenere 700 forum , the Tracer 900 forum as well as this forum. All of those forums were launched with a kick ass Photo contest. Time for this one to launch! Winner get's a $150 gift card to the USA Motorcycle vendor of their choice. Good examples are Revzilla, Twisted Throttle, any USA Motorcycle vendor that has a website and offers giftcards. Rules. Any new forum member can post a photo of THEIR personal Yamaha R-7 below in this thread. You may enter as many photo entries as you wish. On August 1st, 2021 we will pick and announce a winner. We are looking for photo quality, back drop, creativity. I suggest "Following this thread by clicking "Follow" at the top right of this very post. Also, go into account settings and notification settings and adjust how you want to be notified when a followed thread or topic is updated. We look forward to your photo submissions.
  15. Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining us! This place is about to start growing.
  16. Hey there...we just received our shop/project bike on Saturday! Short answer is that a lot of the 07/09 parts will interchange. Not all, but many. Look for our 'build' thread and sponsor section coming soon detailing our progress. Going to be moving forward pretty quickly on this development so we/y'all can get busy on the track THIS season.
  17. Hello, I guess I’ll start this off.. I have the r-7 ordered, should be here soon. I went with performance black. I didn’t order any of the upgrades, however was wondering any word on aftermarket anything? Maybe does anyone know if the mt07 aftermarket exhaust fit the r7? By the way this is my first bike never rode before:)
  18. I wrote this article a few years ago for the Tenere 700. Same exact engine. I doubt that Yamaha gets more power out of it stock, maybe if they go after 2wheeldynoworks tune. But it is perfect for Urban commuting. CP2. The wonderful engine that powers the Yamaha Ténéré 700-T7 - Articles - Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum WWW.TENERE700.NET Back in 2014, Yamaha launched the MT-07 in Europe, Australia and Canada. The bike was eventually released in the USA as the FZ-07 in June of the same year. I was so taken aback by this bike that I created...
  19. Hi, Im Cruizin. I own this, the Tenere 700 forum as well as the MT-07 forum! All three bikes use the same engine (CP-2) and boy, so we know this engine well. Soon our other forum members will be coming to join us, as well as our many Supporting Vendors. We will be haivng group buys and discounts for our forum members. Be sure to join and set your notification preferences to receive email notifications so that you dont miss out on big sales!
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