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  1. Its ok, I just caught your video where you confirmed the wheels are the same. That ticks one more box for me. I do have another question about the ECU connection plug (is it 4 pin or 6 pin) but will watch all your videos first. Thanks for the video series!
  2. @Stoltec Moto, do you know if the wheels are interchangeable? I have some fancy wheels on my MT09 and really hoping they will fit the R7. I might also consider a MT07 comfort seat. Would be good to know if that fits.
  3. My midlife crisis is getting worse. It started with the MT09 which I fully fettled. Then the Tenere 700 which is on its way to be fully pimped. And now the R7, which will likely replace the MT09 if it matches my expectations. I have ordered the World GP 60th anniversary R7 and matching number plate WGPR7. It will almost be a shame to replace those gold rims with the carbon rims and brakes from my MT09, but I think they are going to fit. I am keen to find out what clip-on risers I need, for example the outside diameter of the forks, length of bars etc. I assume the bars are 22mm. Any other advice to fit a big guy on a small bike? @Admin will recognise me from the Tenere700.NET forum. Thanks, Mal