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  1. A more detailed update will be coming soon, but for now...here's our latest video discussing our build progress...
  2. Hot pressure was 29-30F, 28R. I run warmers on all tires - street and slicks to ensure consistent pressures. Of course, you don't need them for S22s...
  3. Our latest update is live: Trying to catch up on the website this weekend while things are quiet. Will have more details soon on frame sliders, axle sliders, and swingarm spools.
  4. Thanks! We have a few things already cooking up...just spent some time on the track with it last weekend. Working on a video update now...and photos will be coming soon.
  5. As luck would have it (unlike our T7), we received one of the first R7's in the states. Hard to believe we've already had it ~3 weeks! Stay tuned for progress on what we're doing to this bike - will be a mix of weekend riding and track days. We need to catch up on photos of what we've already been working on since we've been a bit in stealth mode. But while we pull that together, here are some initial thoughts...
  6. Hey there...we just received our shop/project bike on Saturday! Short answer is that a lot of the 07/09 parts will interchange. Not all, but many. Look for our 'build' thread and sponsor section coming soon detailing our progress. Going to be moving forward pretty quickly on this development so we/y'all can get busy on the track THIS season.